What is SRC

Science Resource Center offers hands on Science demonstrations in the classroom!  Check out this SRC Video to learn more about this awesome program we are so lucky to have in CFISD.


Volunteers are needed to learn and present the many demonstrations that the SRC has to offer to our students.

In order to participate in the SRC demos, you must attend the required training. 


  • All demo trainings (with the exception of the Galveston Bay Demo-see 4th grade) are held at the SRC, located at 11206 Telge Rd, across from Arnold Middle School.


  • The Nature Trails Field Trip  trainings will be held at CY-Fair Nature Trails located behind Millsap Elementary School. 


  • You do not need to RSVP for the trainings, you can just show up at their scheduled times.

  • Please notify grade level SRC coordinator once you have been trained, so that you can be included in the demo and scheduled to present to your child’s class. (see email under grades listed below)


We are in need of a Grade Level Rep for 4th Grade.  If you are interested, please contact Ashley Yoakem at a_yoakem@hotmail.com


Shannon Kjol, shannonkjol@yahoo.com 


Guinea Pig Demo

A story, Guinea Pigs Don’t Read Books, is read and discussed.  Live guinea pigs are shown.

Hedgehog Demo

The Hat by Jan Brett is read and discussed and a live hedgehog is shown.


1st Grade

Andrea Nicholas, anicholas2@yahoo.com


Eggs and Nests Demo

Students will examine a variety of nests and eggs to compare and contrast properties such as color, shape, size, and pattern.

Small Mammals Demo

A live chinchilla and a cage of hamsters are used to demonstrate mammal characteristics, behaviors, and their adaptations to the environment.  (Animals are not handled.)


2nd Grade

Ashley Yoakem, a_yoakem@hotmail.com


Snakes Demo

Students view a combination of powerpoint slides and observe several live, non-venomous specimens to discover the snake’s unique adaptations.

Body Coverings Demo

A combination of live animals and teaching aids are used to describe the body coverings of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Insects Demo

The insect’s place in our ecosystem will be discussed.  A sample insect collection will be shown along with live African Hissing Cockroaches.

Fossil Cakes

Each year our 2nd graders get a “fossil cake” from the SRC to break open. These are small concrete “cakes” that have a plastic dinosaur in them. Our young archeologists will chisel them until they break open leaving a fossil imprint of the dinosaur inside. The SRC needs volunteers to help make these fossil cakes.


3rd Grade

Kari Harrison, kariann.harrison@gmail.com


Amphibians Demo

A selection of live amphibians is available for close examination by the students.  Various characteristics and interesting behaviors of amphibians are discussed.


Arthropods Demo

A selection of arthropods will be available for close examination by the students with a discussion of their various characteristics and interesting behaviors.

Nature Trails Field Trip

3rd Grade Nature Trails –Simple Machines – Every 3rd grader visits the nature trails to learn about simple machines and participate in environmental activities.


4th Grade



Aquatic Bird Skins Demo

Students study different aquatic bird skins to discover their adaptations for life in or near the water.  This fits nicely with the Galveston Bay demo presented at the fourth grade level.

Reptiles Demo

A selection of live reptiles will be available for close examination by the students with a discussion of their various characteristics and interesting behaviors.

Galveston Bay Demo

Through the Galveston Bay program, students will learn about how important our bay and waterways are to them and what measures can be taken to protect this life-giving estuary. This demo is through the PIE office and all trainings are held at the Berry Center.


5th Grade

Faith Schuchardt, faith.schuchardt@gmail.com

Ashley Taylor, ashleykaytaylor@gmail.com


Bird Skins Demo

Study skins will be used to illustrate the many unique characteristics and adaptations of this class of animals.

Mammal Skulls Demo

The volunteer discusses traits such as eye placement and tooth arrangement to provide clues for the students to guess the identity of common skulls. They will then be given the correct answer with a discussion of similarities and differences and identifying characteristics.  Students need paper and pen or pencil.

Cy-Fair CSI Demo

Students will use a variety of investigative techniques, including fingerprint and ink analysis, to solve the SRC’s mystery of a missing animal.  After the mystery is solved, the live animal will be shown to students.

Nature Trails Field Trip

Every 5th grader visits the nature trails to participate in a variety of environmental activities. 2-3 volunteers are needed to present at stations, 2 volunteers needed as chaperones


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